“Today two suns appeared on the US-Canada border, one is the true sun and the other is the Moon. This phenomenon is known as Moon Hunters and only occurs when the Earth changes its axis. 

The Moon and the sun are born at the same time and the Moon reflects the light of the sun,” reads the viral claim that captions the images of the Sun and the Moon.

 Netizens are sharing the same claim, with just a few edit of words and emojis on the Solar Eclipse Day, mesmerised by nature.

The images have been doing rounds on the internet since 2015 with the very claim. The nomenclature used was inaccurate. Hunter’s Moon has nothing to do with an optical illusion of two suns, because it is just a name for the Full Moon after the Harvest Moon, which is the full Moon nearest the autumnal equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Harvest Moon sometimes falls in September and sometimes in October and Hunter’s Moon appears around October or November. 

Most of Hunter’s Moons aren’t really bigger or brighter, and the designation is simply a name which has no relationship to an illusion of duplicate Suns in the sky.
There practically cannot be two suns existing in the sky. But sometimes the sun’s reflection can seem like the second Moon.

 As per experts, this usually happens when there are ice crystals present in the sky that can act as a mirror. So, before you copy-paste and share the same post with the same claim, it is always advisable to re-check the claim from official sources. Be wary of the news and claims that circulate on social media with no evidence or scientific backing. Now, enjoy the annular solar eclipse day, and do not forget to wear special glasses or use binocular or telescope to view the phenomenon.

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