The coronavirus lockdown has confined people to their homes across countries. While people have been told to adhere to the guidelines of social distancing, many have been breaking it. 

While people have not been following the rules diligently, animals and birds are maintaining social distancing. 

Funny pictures of dogs, cats and birds on the road keeping considerable distance between each other have gone viral on the internet. 

Netizens have been widely sharing these pictures telling humans to follow their four-legged friends making everyone laugh.

These pictures serve as a good lesson for those who keep their bags in circles which are meant for people and sit together and talk.

 Multiple videos and pictures showing people failing to follow the basic guidelines have gone viral on social media platforms. It is unfortunate that people fail to follow the rules even as coronavirus continues to take the lives of people. 

Meanwhile, check out pictures of animals and birds being better listeners and followers of the government's orders.

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