There have been many questions about child marriage and Fani Kayode just intervened and shared a video of Islamic Scholars stating that Islam supports they marry early so the girls grow up with much knowledge of Islam.While sharing the video,Fani Kayode stated that he is at loss of words

In the video,The alleged Islamic scholars were having a meeting where they were talking about marriage and polygamy.

One of the Scholar stated in the video that polygamy is their own blessing from God.

Then they moved on to talk about marriage and the appropriate age they can marry a girl

One of the Islamic scholars stated that Islam supports they marry early so that they can grow up and learn in an Islamic environment.He also added that they can marry a girl as early as 7 years old.

The reporters capturing this moment on video didn’t believe this as they moved on to interview the head scholar and he confirmed their statement.

The reporters asked him to debunk the claims but he said it was right,adding that they are allowed to marry their wives at an early age.

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