Win N7.4M by designing a space toilet for NASA

Here’s a short video demonstrating how astronauts pee and poo in the Space Station, and TBH it looks really uncomfortable.

The astronaut showed the yellow pipe was meant for urination, while the tiny seat with a small hole was meant for defecation.

“As you can see, it’s pretty small, so you have to have a pretty good aim. And you gotta be ready to make sure things get let go the right direction.”

We never would have imagined that going to the toilet in space would be such a hassle, and also an impending disaster if “something” floats out!

This is probably why NASA is setting up a design contest – the Lunar Loo Challenge – for people to design a new space toilet. The top prize is USD20,000, and the second and third winners could bag USD10,000 and USD5,000 respectively.

NASA had apparently set up a goal to send a group of astronauts to the moon by 2024 and a new toilet is wanted. According to CNN, the space agency may adapt the new design for its Artemis lunar lander. 

Therefore, the toilet is required to work in the microgravity of space (zero-g), as well as on the moon where the gravity is one-sixth of the Earth’s.

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