Woman Mercilessly Beaten By Admirer For Refusing To Go Out With Him

Rejection is part and parcel of life, especially in romance. While it may be a pretty bitter pill to swallow, we just need to toughen up a little, grow some thick skin and move on.

What is never okay is to act out on impulse and anger when you’ve been rejected, and cause harm to people around you for the sake of revenge. Unfortunately for one young woman, she fell victim to the wrath of a male admirer after she refused his advances, leaving her beaten, bruised and swollen.

The incident reportedly took place in Vietnam, when a 22-year-old woman refused to go out with a 27-year-old man who was pursuing her. While it was well within her rights to turn down the man’s advances, he did not take to refusal well at all.

In a fit of rage, the 27-year-old man proceeded to drag her by the hair and viciously assaulting, kicking and punching her in a room to a point where she suffered extensive injuries.

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