Baby Shower picture of a woman with 10,000 bees on her belly

picture of a woman's baby shower is creating a buzz (oops) because she used more than 10,000 bees in her photos. Yes, 'bee'zarre! And as unique it may be, people on social media are not impressed, calling it rather disturbing idea. However, the woman in question is a professional beekeeper and she has a story to tell.

Bethany Karulak-Baker posted the pictures of her baby shower online. The pictures show a swarm of bees on her baby bump as she casually stands ina garden. In another, she's seen kissing her husband, with the bees still on her belly. 

The caption mentions that these are nearly 10,000 bees! We do not even want to imagine the stings! The pictures were shared on Twitter by another user and netizens could not understand why would someone do it to themselves

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