Dog-Faced Bat

Bat with the face of a dog is going viral on Twitter. Netizens cannot stop talking about this dog-faced bat that is now taking over social media with people freaking out.

 Not many people know that this isn't some kind of mutation but Buettikofer's epauletted fruit bats do exist and are known to have a dog-like face. Such bats have huge wings, are found in tropical forests and savannas, and are very important for our ecosystem. 

Twitter user Kirsten Howard tweeted out the picture of this dog-faced bat and has taken Twitter by storm with hilarious responses. 

Netizens are not able to wrap their heads around this 'bizarre' creature that look both like a bat and a dog

While people cannot stop googling whether this dog-faced bat is real or just a product of photoshop, the picture is gaining traction in more that one ways. Some people are utterly disgusted while some cannot stop admiring the creature.

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