COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lifestyle of people across countries. Our ways of entertainment, fashion and living our daily lives has changed upside down. As facemask became our new saviour, people are experimenting with it, bringing out variants of the 'accessory'. There are quite some of them who have made facemasks from gold and silver. And in the latest version of expensive facemask is the one made using gold and silver threads by a Coimbatore-based goldsmith.

Radhakrishnan Sundaram Acharya designed the masks using 0.06 millimetres thin gold and silver threads. He said that his idea was to create awareness about the need to wear it. He told ANI, "The gold mask has been made using 18-carat gold which costs Rs 2.75 lakh and the silver mask costs Rs 15,000. I’m aware that a common man cannot afford to wear these masks, but rich people can use them for royal weddings. So far, I have received nine orders, most of which are from north India.

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