Indian Man Beat Female Colleague For Reminding Him To Wear Face Mask In The Office (Photos)

female contract worker was viciously attacked by her male colleague after she reminded him to wear a coronavirus face mask in the office.

Bhaskar Rao beat Checuri Usharani with a broken-off chair arm as she crouched on the floor in fear in Dargamitta, in the south-Indian city of Nellore.

Ms Usharani was seriously injured in the assault and Rao – who is said to have held a grudge against his victim – has been arrested.

In footage of the attack caught on CCTV Rao – the deputy manager at the AP Tourism Hotel – grabs Ms Usharani by the hair and pulls her to the floor.

Still clutching her hair, he reaches over to the table and grabs the wooden chair arm.
He beats the terrified employee with it as another worker rushes over to stop the attack.

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