Scientists now Trying to generate Electricity From the Shadow

As reported by Reuters , a group of scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) are in the process to perfect a new method of power generation. Get this, the method for drawing energy that they’re testing is driven largely by shadows!

NUS researchers testing out the SEG apparatus | Source: Reuters

Called the Shadow-Effect Generator (SEG), thud method could harness power just like solar cells but without needing open spaces with uniterrupted light like with solar panels. Woah, how is that even possible?!

Here’s how it works:

1. It requires both light and dark.

2. Like solar panels, it also relies on light to shine on silicon to energise electrons.

3. Using panels that feature a thin layer of either gold, silver, platinum or tungsten, the difference in light intensity drives electrons from lit areas towards the shade, creating electricity in the shaded areas.
Confused? Well, in simple terms, SEG is similar to solar panels in concept, but it can also harness energy in the ‘shaded’ area of the panels!

This will come in handy for highly urbanised cities to power themselves without the limitations set up by solar panels.

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