Crop circle, or crop formation has always incited alien theories and paranormal activities among people. Some relate religious references to the activities while others believe it to be simply mysterious. 

The latest such crop formation has appeared in a wheat field in France. Pictures of the giant templar crop circle in Northern France has gone viral on social media platforms. The owner of the farmland, Gerard Benoit, noticed the pattern while driving his tractor earlier this month.

 The design quite precisely done has been described as a 'Templar Cross'. The Benoit family even shared some pictures of the circles on social media, but they had to take it down as hundreds of people started visiting their farm since then. As it incident has once again stirred up talks about crop formation, we take a look similar incidents in the past, when overnight crop formations shocked people.

Talking about the recent incident in France, Nicolas Benoit, Gerard Benoit's son, told Euro Weekly News, "I thought someone had damaged my wheat overnight, but then I realised it was forming a pattern. We've never seen a crop circle before. We see it in movies. Its vandalism, but we said to ourselves, 'It's good for once. We saw a lot of people come to the field and we discovered that there were religious beliefs around it. People are crazy. 

They come to pray. We are not a museum. The crop circles are beautiful, but for someone else."

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