Convincing photos of President Buhari’s clone, Jibril Aminu of Sudan surfaces and details of Buhari's death

Some new convincing photos of alleged President Buhari’s clone, Jibril Aminu of Sudan, has recently surfaced.

The convincing photos has pointed some differences between the alleged Jibril of Sudan and the Nigeria’s president, Muhammad Buhari who has allegedly died a while ago.

The photos pointed out some different body parts of the president and the alleged clone.

One of the differences is the height of President Buhari in 2014 standing beisde former senate president, Bukola Saraki , which shows that he’s taller than the senate president but in 2017, the president became shorter than the senate president.

Another difference between the alleged deceased President Buhari and the alleged clone, Jibril Aminu, is that the president was a left handed but suddenly changed to right handed man.

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