Lady Kneels Down To Beg Her Lesbian Partner Who Wants To Quit Lesbianism

heartbroken lesbian has been seen in a viral video begging her lesbian partner who wants to quit lesbianism not to leave her.

The lady who hails from Ghana went down on her kneels to beg her partner, reminded her she bought a car for her and even renewed her vow of doing anything for her. 

She revealed it would not be easy for her to accept that their relationship of 5 years has ended.

She said;
“You said you need a car and I bought it for you. What have you seen in a man that you want to leave me for him? What does the man have?”

However after her partner insisted on leaving the relationship on grounds of being tired of the affair and wanting to get married to a man, the heartbroken lady began crying and said “I love you” intermittently.


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