Artificial Intelligence-Powered News Anchor Made Its First On-Screen Appearance in South Korea

South Korea debuts an AI news anchor and we can’t even tell if it’s a real person or not!

MBN, a South Korean cable TV network unveiled the country’s first-ever virtual news anchor powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI news anchor is a replica of actual anchor Kim Joo-ha, mimicking her speech nuances, facial expressions, and gestures. The high-end technology enables the anchor to reflect up to 1,000 words per minute.

Together with Moneybrain, an AI company, MBN is able to utilize this technology creation to report breaking news quickly and vividly. According to PRNewswire, the CEO of Moneybrain, Jang Se-young is happy about the successful debut and hopes to expand into the global market like the United States and China.

Besides, the AI news anchor can also conduct real-time conversations with users via real-time video synthesis technology. An official from MBN said, “News reporting using an AI anchor enables quick news delivery in times of emergency for 24 hours non-stop,” according to Korea Bizwire .

With all the powerful things advanced technology can provide, it is very likely that jobs related to the media industry will be automated, leading to a decrease in job opportunities in the future.

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