Bakers Make Cockroach & Cicak Cakes

Recently, an Ipoh bakery known as The Slice Ipoh Homebaker , caught the attention of netizens online after they shared pictures of their creative cakes decorated with edible cockroaches and lizards.

We were so intrigued by these creepy-crawly desserts that we had to ask what inspired the unique choice of cake decorating. “The request was made by our customer who wanted to surprise her sister with the lizard so we came up with this design for her,” Ethan, one half of the home baker duo that started the business, told ITALK .

The customer put in the request because she knew her sister had a lizard phobia. Weeks later, her sister received her shot at redemption and ordered her a cake covered in cockroaches as a returning gift.
Ethan told WOB that he and his co-partner, Irene were a little hesitant at first, “Initially, we were really scared that it was going to turn into a meme or something negative but turns out a lot of people DM-ed us saying they loved our work!”

But this baker duo is no one-trick pony, a scroll through their Facebook page reveals a variety of interesting cake models like a Gucci handbag, a Range Rover, and a human heart!

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