Ja Rule propose a fight with 50 cents

Ja Rule doesn't think 50 Cent would do a Verzuz with him and he's probably right.

50 Cent has dismissed the concept in the past and has suggested The Game is the only artist he would square up against.
That's OK with Rule. In fact, he'd rather take 50 on in a different venue.

"I would want my Verzuz to be fun, and filled with love in the room and sh*t, and that sort of thing. I’m too old to be in Verzuz beef, and to be in with my team of n*ggas, all my team of n*ggas, we’re like, ‘Come on, man’. I’m 44, dog. Just get a boxing ring and we get in there, and we do that. All this other funny nutty sh*t, we ain’t doing that, man," he told HipHopDx.
50 vs. Ja in the ring. Who you got?

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