Mystikal Beats Latest Rape Charge

Charges of rape and kidnapping against Mystikal have just been dismissed by a grand jury for lack of evidence.

Mystikal was one of three men charged in connection with a sexual assault in a Shreveport, Louisiana casino which took place in October of 2016.

After being locked up in 2017, Mystikal spent 18 months in jail awaiting trial before he made bail. He was able to put up a $3 million bond in 2018 after he signed a new record deal.

According to Mystikal's lawyer Joel Pearce, the Grand Jury ruled for Mystikal because "new scientific evidence emerged causing the Grand Jury to take a second look at the rape allegations made against [him]." Mystikal's team has long argued that he was innocent and that his accuser had serious credibility issues. He had turned down opportunities to take a plea bargain.

The 50-year old does have a history of sex crimes, having served almost seven years for sexual battery and extortion.

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