Content removal on ITALK Nigeria

Disclaimer :

  • Yes, it is illegal for your ex to post nude pics/video of you online without your consent.
  • We do not work with anybody or have a collaboration with criminals
  • We don’t upload any video/pics on our server
  • The video/pics were already in the public, made by the public and we don’t have anything to do with it

There is a disclaimer on the site

We don’t have collaboration with anyone and we don’t join force with criminals .

For the content to be removed

It’s either a fine of N5000 is paid for being childish / stupid to send her nude for whatever reasons it may be.


You tell a registered lawyer to send a well formatted and documented email and it would be removed..

We love people and we know how much our culture means to everyone especially our pride and dignity.
Well, am not waiting for the law

And am not in any way Part of anyone.
The fine is not to exploit but to discipline and that’s why it’s a token
Its a criminal offence on the offender, that is why we want a clean removal by the backing of a lawyer so that it would be filed .
And to eradicate impersonators.
All intentions are clean and not for any fraud.

Thank you

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