A woman’s role in her husband’s house is to increase his wealth – Female pastor says (Video)

A Nigerian pastor, Eno Jerry, has dished an advise to women on vital roles that wives ought to assume in their marital homes.

According to the clergywoman, the role of any woman in her husband’s life is to help in increase his wealth.

Pastor Eno stated this during a recent sermon, adding that the least a man should ever be in life should be the way a woman met him.

In her words; ”When a woman enters the home of a man, her role is to increase his wealth. Its’s a foolish one that lessens his wealth.

A foolish woman lessens his wealth but a wise woman builds the wealth of her husband through wisdom. So any man you meet, any man you enter into his life, even if you are in a relationship, the least he can ever be is the least you met him”

Watch video HERE

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