Actress Ada Ameh couldn’t control her tears while speaking about her late daughter in an interview with Chude saying losing her is what really broke her..

Ada Ameh In Tears As She Talks About How Losing Her Daughter Broke Her

Ada Ameh found it difficult to accept the fact that her daughter is no more and this interview with Chude only confirms that the void her daughter left in her heart can not be filled by anyone or anything because it really broke her.

According to her, her daughter was her prayer partner, her number one cheerleader, her everything, and losing her really broke her mentally and emotionally and that explains why she’s finding it difficult to accept the fact that she’s no more.

Ada Ameh then started sharing tears while talking about her late daughter saying this is her first time talking about her demise without alcohol in her body as things really got hard for her with the demise of her daughter.

Losing an older person isn’t something easy to take not to talk of your only daughter who was in her prime hence we can only imagine what Ada Ameh went through and is going through right now that she can’t speak about her daughter without shedding tears.

Her late daughter was almost everything to her and even though her friends and colleagues have tried their best to cheer her up so she doesn’t miss her daughter too much, she is always in tears whenever it’s something about her daughter.

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