A young lady vying for the crown in a beauty contest displayed gross shallowness when she was aked when Nigeria gained independence from British rule..

Embarrassing Moment When Contestant In Beauty Pageant Confidently Said Nigeria Gained Independence in 1996

To the shock of the judges and audience, the young lady boldly said that Nigeria gained her Independence in 1996. A man in the background could be heard saying; ”This girl don f*** up oo”.

Independence Day is an official national holiday in Nigeria, celebrated on the first of October. It marks Nigeria’s proclamation of independence from British rule on 1 October 1960.

In 1914, the Southern Nigeria Protectorate was combined with the Northern Nigeria Protectorate to create the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria, which has the borders of modern-day Nigeria.

By the late 1950s, the call for independence of territories in Africa and the decline of the British Empire led to the country being granted independence on 1 October 1960 as the Federation of Nigeria.

Three years later, the constitution was amended and the country was declared the Federal Republic of Nigeria with Nnamdi Azikiwe, previously Governor-General, as the first President.

In 1960, Lieutenant David Ejoor, who later became the Chief of Army Staff, had the honor of commanding the guard at the midnight flag-raising ceremony (Wikipedia).

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