Man Built a Guitar Out of His Dead Uncle’s Skeleton

Man Built a Guitar Out of His Dead Uncle’s Skeleton

You read that correctly, but if your mind is spinning, I’ll lay it out plainly for you: Prince attached a guitar neck, pickups, volume knobs, a jack, strings and electronics… to an entire skeleton that used to host his uncle’s mortal being.

And he made a functioning guitar out of it all as a way to pay tribute to the man responsible for his love of heavy metal.

Prince isn’t some kind of morbid skeleton fetishist (at least as far as we know), but rather sought to come up with a practical solution on what to do with his uncle’s remains.

In Prince’s native Greece, the country’s orthodox religion frowns upon cremation. So his uncle Filip’s bones had been around for over two decades before Prince decided to pay tribute to the man who taught him about the dark arts in the most metal way possible.

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