N960,000 needed to divorce a woman in Zimbabwe

The Law Society of Zimbabwe has delivered a massive blow to married couples contemplating divorce after hiking the legal fees for its members. According to the new tariffs, couples who wish to divorce and go their separate ways will now need to fork out a massive ZWL$170,000 or US$2 000.

The person who initiates the divorce, the plaintiff, will need to fork out ZWL$102,000 in legal fees while the other party will need to fork out ZWL$68,000 for an uncontested divorce.

The Law Society of Zimbabwe has a separate tariff for United States Dollars. On this tariff, the Plaintiff will need to pay US$1,200 for an uncontested divorce. The defendant will need to pay US$800 in legal fees for the divorce proceedings. This means that the two parties will need to fork out a combined US$2,000 in legal fees.

A legal practitioner who spoke to iHarare about the new divorce fees, but who declined to be named for professional reasons, emphasized that these tariffs only apply for uncontested divorces. He explained that an uncontested divorce is one where there are minimal if any disputes and where the issues are straightforward.

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