South Korean Students Shave Their Heads in Protest Against Japan’s Nuclear Wastewater

South Korean Students Shave Their Heads in Protest Against Japan’s Nuclear Wastewater

The Japanese government is facing strong opposition from environmentalists and its neighbouring countries, including China after the country approved a plan to release more than a million tonnes of contaminated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean. Even though the authorities are of the opinion that radioactive water release will have ‘zero environmental impact,’ some people are not convinced.

The latest pictures from Seoul, South Korea, are making headlines after college students were captured shaving their heads in front of the Japanese embassy. The move was reportedly made to protest Japan’s decision to release the wastewater from Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea.

But what happened in Fukushima? Why are people protesting? In this article, we will know everything about the Fukushima fiasco—a painful history and Japan’s recent decision to release contaminated water from the tsunami-ravaged nuclear plant to the ocean that environmentalists fear may impact nature.

What Happened in Fukushima?
Before we understand the ongoing event, let us journey back to a painful history. On March 11, 2011, an earthquake struck off the north-eastern coast of Japan, triggering a 15-metre tsunami. The tsunami swept over the main island of Honshu, killing more than 18,000 people and wiping entire towns off the map. While the backup systems to prevent a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant survived the initial quake, the damage was inflicted by the tsunami. The gigantic wave surged over defences and flooded the reactors, sparking a major disaster. According to reports, around 18,500 people died or disappeared in the quake and tsunami, and above 160,000 were forced to evacuate from their homes.

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