Uzodinma Destroy reach FM Radio Station belonging to Okorocha’s daughter (Video)

Uzodinma Destroy reach FM Radio Station belonging to Okorocha’s daughter (Video)

Imo state government taskforce have reportedly demolished of Reach FM, allegedly belonging to former Governor, Rochas Okorocha’s daughter.

According to reports, Hope Uzodinma agents were escorted ny the Nigerian police force to destroy the Reach FM starting from the Fence.

The person who filmed the video said: “The Imo state Government have destroyed Reach FM Fence and Gate, says its a blockage to the major Road, but there is no major Road here.”


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With the benefit of hindsight, I will tell you that he initiated and engineered my impeachment because he felt there was a need to get me out of the way so that he could do the things he proceeded to do after my removal. You know he was accused variously by the people and government of Emeka Ihedioha that came after his administration and now the administration of Senator Hope Uzodinma of crimes ranging from theft to conversion of public money, public property, illegal and illegitimate acquisition of land and all kinds of things including mis-governance.

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